Sunday, March 22, 2009

Promised "Big Gun Show" Blog

I promised all of my darling Facebook friends I would blog about my adventure to the "big gun show" today. I didn't seem to write down as many things from the gun show as previous visits, but I still found a few humorous things to blog about.

The Award for Best Dressed~This trip it goes to the gentleman who decided to wear digital camo pants (Army's pattern) and a pastel turquiose, short sleeve button down shirt with palm trees on it. These two items in no way shape or form matched. It was a rather interesting ensemble.

Interesting Vendor Signs~ "Guns are like wives-If it ain't yours don't touch it." Well, ok then.
"LOOK! Not made in communist China M.F.G in Florida" - Found at a booth selling cloth gun cases.

Personal Favorite of the Day~This particular sign would not necessarily have made it to my "make fun of the gun show blog" (as my darling husband calls it) but I just couldn't resist when I saw their error...
Will "Listen" to
1.) Offers
2.) Trades
3.) But NO (underlined twice) wifes/kids/dogs

Apparently he never listened to his English teacher either...otherwise he would have known it is wives not wifes. I did later find out (when Dave was talking to the vendor about his wares) that this particular man has been happily married for 30 yrs-to 3 different women. Go figure! It also took all of my restraint to not walk up to his sign and correct his red ink with my black pen.

Moms & Children~I saw two rather interesting mother/daughter pairs. The first pair that caught my eye was a mother carrying a Coach purse guiding a young daughter (elementary age) around who happened to be wearing a Vera Bradley backpack! Wow. The second combo I saw was a mother with acrylic nails that decided she would flick them on the stock of a vendor's rifle as she was talking about the finish. .oO(Thankfully I wasn't the vendor cause I probably would have barked something unpleasant at her.) The mother/daughter combo was tan, fake looking dyed blonde hair, arms full of bracelets, and boobs hanging out. Wow again. Thankfully my mother taught me less is more-when it comes to make-up, jewelry, and showing off your skin-among other things.

Overall the trip was more enjoyable than the last one, but I think I may be growing immune to the oddities one can see at the gun show.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mom's Orders

I'm under orders via my mother to blog again. Thanks Mom, it doesn't really help the writer's block when you demand I blog. So here is my list of random things to pacify my mother.

1. Snow in Alabama~It really did snow in Alabama. I told everyone I would "believe it when I see it" since the weatherman had been predicting snow at least once every two weeks for quite some time now. I believe it. It snowed. I took the cats out to play in it. Zeus was cranky and wanted back inside asap. Zeke would have stayed outside all day in it if I had let him. He was crawling all over the place in it. i took some great pics with the intentions of uploading them to my blog...but they did end up on Facebook. The snow reminded me of winters spent at my Nana & Pap's house sled riding down the hills in the back yard. Then we would come inside and drink hot chocolate until we warmed up and our snow clothes dried out. We could even watch for the snow plow to come down the road if it was really bad out. (No snow plows in Alabama though...they just drop sand on the icy bridges and that was it.)

2. Taxes~I despise gathering up all the information needed to file our taxes. Every year I swear it will be different and I will do a better job throughout the year of organizing things so it doesn't take forever to sort through receipts and what not. So far no better system has been found. It probably doesn't help that at least 3 of the 4 years we have filed taxes as a married couple there has been a move involved. If you have a great filing system please feel free to share.

3. Combs is coming to visit!!~ I am rather excited that Dave's friend from the USMC is coming to visit us in AL this weekend. He will arrive on Sat and leave on Tues. Not a very long visit, but we're used to making the most of the time we're given with the people who are important to us. Sadly, I have to work every day he is here. Combs (known to everyone outside of the USMC as Blake) was Dave's roommate in the barracks in DC. When they were transferred to Camp Lejeune, NC Combs was put into the MARSOC unit at first. It was several months later, but eventually Combs came back "home" to the rest of the DC guys and they were one big happy family again. I know Dave was happy to have his "brother" back. During their deployment Combs and Dave were often mistaken as being twins. My own mom misidentified Combs as being Dave in a few of the deployment day pics I took. Anyhow, we look forward to having some fun visiting with a very special friend.

4. Storage~I have made a vow that one way or another the Spring/Summer season here in Alabama will be the last season that we have a storage unit. Meaning, we will be moved out of the in-laws house by the end of the summer...hopefully sooner rather than later. I am very, very, very, very tired of going to storage to dig things out and put things away, among other things.

5. USMC~The majority of you know by now that Dave is trying to go back to the USMC. It has been an almost painfully slow process to try and get back into the USMC. Who knew that it could be so infuriating? .oO(I did, it is the beloved USMC...everyone seems to have a love/hate relationship with them.) {Sigh} As I told my mother not so long all will know more when I know more, which apparently won't be soon.

6. Which brings me to my last point...Thanks MOM! I don't tell you thank you nearly enough for all the things you do for me now, the things you have done in the past, or the things you would do for me if you could. Thank you for always supporting me, even when you had your doubts you wouldn't voice them too loudly you just let me keep on doing what I was doing. .oO(You know, like "running away" to get married to this silly Southern Marine we all love...) Thank you for never making me "prove myself" to you. You gave me far more in life so far by just believing that if I wanted to do it I would. I didn't have to earn your support, you just gave it...and you still do. I don't doubt myself nearly as much since I have the support of my mother. Even if I fail at something, she still knows I tried my best and that is what is important to her. I love you Mom!