Sunday, December 15, 2013

More Than Mittens

It's been so long since I've written here...this particular thought just has to be shared.  Many of you know I manage a Pandora store.  It has been the most fun I've had at work and it has literally sucked the life out of me at times.  I guess anything worth doing will do that to you.  Anyhow, I learned over the summer that Pandora would be releasing a charm and I proceeded to count down the days until it could be mine.  The whole idea behind a Pandora charm bracelet is to commemorate the special moments in your life.  Until now, I thought I was doing just that-and making it look pretty too.  I have a love letter, it symbolizes the many, many, many letters my sweet husband and I have exchanged over the years-mostly the Marine Corps years of course.  It symbolizes the hardships of being apart for long periods of time and the joy of sweet reunions.  I enjoy wearing it on my bracelet.  I have a turtle, because it was my husband's nickname in high school and my temporary engagement ring was a turtle ring.  I love having it on my bracelet too.  This new charm is different.  It symbolizes so much more.  What could mean more than Love? 

Mittens!  I adore mittens.  I may or may not have a pair attached by a string that fit my grown up hands.  Mittens aren't just something to keep your hands warm.  They're memories of family, fun, and love.

Mittens mean winters spent bundled up enjoying the snow...

 (with cousins or siblings)
or just bundled up...

I always felt so fancy wearing this frivolous fancy fur coat.No need for mittens with the warm pockets.

Mittens mean times spent with family.  Nana's house was always a great place to gather. 

Mittens mean Nana and Nana's house.  When there was enough snow for sledding we would gather our layers of snow gear (Southern friends this means: snow pants, snow boots, heavy jackets, heavy socks, at least two pairs of gloves because the outer layer would get wet, and spare socks for when we came inside) and head to Nana's house.  Her house had prime sled riding hills.  There is an art to climbing on the sled at the top of the hill so it doesn't start sliding down before you are ready.  If you didn't, you might end up half in the sled and half out flying down the hill.  Laughter always ensued.  Mittens mean laughter.  

After we were too cold and tired to continue, we would head inside and take off the many layers of snow gear.  We would hang it up over heating vents to dry and Nana would make hot chocolate.  Nestle Quik hot chocolate to be exact.  Nestle Quik hot chocolate in cute Nestle Bunny mugs with Nestle Bunny spoons.  Mittens mean hot chocolate.

(I had to Google search and find these images.  People are selling these for a ridiculous amount of money.  I guess some memories have no price.)

Mittens mean cousins.  Lots of cousins.  I couldn't find a picture of us all bundled up enjoying the snow so this picture will have to do.  It makes me laugh how tightly Rebecca is holding my hand.  Cousins make excellent snow playing, sled riding friends.

Sisters make excellent sled riding, snow playing friends too.  They also make great ice skating friends too.  You might want mittens to ice skate too.  (If you're up North anyhow.)

Mittens mean Christmas.  These mittens are my favorite.  I remember seeing a pair on our tree every year growing up.  I also remember a pair on my grandma's tree as well.  Several years ago on a visit to her house, I told her they were one of my favorite ornaments.  My grandma unbeknownst to me, sent them home with my boyfriend at the time.  When we got back home, he gave them to me and said my grandma sent them.  I adore putting them on my tree every year and smile each time.  They remind me of how my grandma spoiled me, even as a grown up.  Mittens mean time spent with grandma.  Mittens mean decorating Easter eggs too.  My grandma and I had a yearly tradition of decorating Easter eggs.  A tradition I would continue if I didn't live so terribly far away.   

So this charm isn't just a pair of mittens that adorn my bracelet.  These mittens are memories.  Memories of Christmas, memories of family, memories of snow, memories of laughter, and memories of love.