Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dry Spell

It has been somewhat of a dry spell for my blog.  My life went from part-time worker with an amazing amount of time leftover to write away to full-time co-manager with absolutely no time to think up a complete sentence, let alone take the time to type it out.  I spend my "down time" aka "off days"  doing all the things I can't manage to do on days I work and I also try to catch up on a bit of sleep.  (Yankee's that is what southerner's call a day off day....I know an off day sounds like something is just wrong, but nope-here it means you don't have to work that day.)  Tonight I decided I would just blog about the random things rolling around in my head that if I had all the time in the world I might write a whole darn blog about it.

Facebook Status (FBS): Is it a bad thing if you think of random things you would make your facebook status throughout the day?  I feel it may be a bit obsessive.  Oh well.  For instance, I just made my facebook status "If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then the way to a Marine's heart is through the liquor store...just sayin'."  I, loving adoring wife that I am, bought my husband a six pack of Strongbow at the liquor store tonight.  If you didn't deploy with the 22nd MEU almost 3 years ago then you may not have had the pleasure of drinking the delightful cider in....I think it was Malta.  My Marine loves it and spent a lot of time talking about it and hunting it down, but to no avail. (Except for that one time in Ohio last July when we were inadvertently delayed by my stupidity and paid the idiot fee.)   One day he was delightfully surprised when he walked into our local liquor store (where they pretty much all but know him by name) and found it.  He told the guy how excited he was to find it and the guy said from now on Dave will be able to find it there.  In fact, as I picked up the six pack from the store the same guy said "Strongbow is good stuff" to which I replied "Yeah, my husband loves it."  He knew exactly who I was talking about.  Is that a bad thing? (Note to self: Next time take advantage of that opportunity to ask about the freakin' Duplin!)  Anyhow...if I could write a paragraph for my status instead of a line or five....this is what I would write today...  I really like doing that.  You know ...  dot, dot, dot.  (I'm crazy.  Friday Night ladies, at least I don't overuse adjectives.  Honestly!)

FBS: "So much for straight hair..." -  It wasn't raining when I left my car to get a delightfully tasty cinnamon crunch bagel from Panera, but after ordering and receiving said bagel it was time to return to my car and zip across the street to the mall for work.  It was pouring down rain at that time and I didn't bring my umbrella in with me.  I looked a little weathered the rest of the day.  My bagel was delightful though.

FBS: "Finally watched Julie & Julia.  Thanks Biv Biv for putting it on our instant queue!" - He added it to our instant queue on Netflix probably a month ago, but refused to watch it with me.  Thanks to the rain I had time to watch it this evening and it was a wonderful movie.

FBS: "I think I'm allergic to Alabama" - Yeah this was yesterday's status.  I think I really am allergic to AL.  My eyes are puffy, my nose is stuffed, and my head feels like there is an elephant in there.  Ugh.  It started with a terribly raw throat.  We've progressed to hacking, er I mean coughing and sneezing.  Lovely stuff these allergies.  Just when I get used to one temp the weather makes a drastic change to throw the sinuses all out of whack.

FBS: "About to slip into a cough syrup coma while watching The Ugly Truth again." - Yeah, I've forgotten whatever else I was going to write and I'm going to allow the cough medicine to take over and watch The Ugly Truth again.  I'll probably fall asleep on the couch too. 

Blog Readers: Have a wonderful night.  Maybe my dry spell of blogging will experience a rainy season soon...