Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Patriotic

My little guilty pleasure, once very two weeks, is to go and get a manicure  and pedicure.  Sometimes I let myself feel guilty over spending the money, but I typically justify it by the fact that I work hard.  It is one of the few things I do just for me.  If I wasn't paying someone to do it for me, it would be one more thing on my list of things to do. 

Yesterday was mani/pedi day.  I had the wonderful pleasure of sharing the nail salon with a very sweet lady, probably in her 70's, who gave me a glimpse into my future...  She was there to get her nails done.  She told the nail tech that she wanted something red, white, and blue.  With summertime coming she said it was time for something that looked patriotic.  *Sound like anyone you know?*  She ended up choosing red polish, and then on her ring fingers she had them do a blue and white swirl design.  She kept asking if they were going to add lots of sparkles (rhinestones) to her nails, because she "just loves sparkles."  The nail tech added about 8 sparkles to each of her decorated ring fingers.  They were beautifully gaudy and patriotic.  I adored them.  When I am 70 I vow to have patriotic sparkly nails too.  Hopefully by then I just won't care who sees my gaudy patriotic nails.  Right now I'm still to self conscious to sport them.  (It doesn't help that they are against the dress code at work.) 

In other news, Memorial Day just occurred.  It always makes me reminiscent of the days I could gather all my boys together for a day or night to feed them dinner and find mischief.  It also makes my heart ache because it is a day to remember the families left behind from those who paid the ultimate price for freedom.  I'm oddly lucky, all of my boys came home...but I know several of their brothers in arms did not.  I know they each have a different reason that Memorial Day is special to them.  I do my small part in bringing out my patriotism via red, white and blue.  My husband summed up my Memorial Day (and every day) job best in his toast...  He said my job is to love my veteran for all of the wives who can't love theirs.  He's right.  It is one of the things that active duty life teaches you, every moment spent together is special.  It doesn't matter if you're doing laundry, or heaven forbid you have to grocery shop together; each moment together is special because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  I think that mindset is a great philosophy for life.  So many times happiness is about choosing to make the best of it, not letting things get you down, in order to be happy.  Time with loved ones is always a commodity in this world.  I encourage you to do your part, be purposeful in planning to spend time with those you love. 

Memorial Day also makes me homesick for life in D.C.  I'll be forever thankful that I had some time to live in the heart of our country.  The air itself is different there. (Smoggy is what it is, but it makes me feel invigorated-could be a lack of oxygen or something.)  D.C. does Memorial Day and 4th of July up in style.  If I could wear red, white, and blue everyday I would.  I'm that girl.  I think my blood is American flag patterned with a touch of glitter.  I like to remember the pomp and circumstance of the ceremonies and monuments.  The National Mall is a peaceful place full of energy, especially on a warm sunny day.  I wish I had taken more time to grab a blanket, grab a good book, and head to the National Mall to spend the afternoon reading and people watching.  Hindsight is 20/20.  I would have done a lot more, had I been more independent then.  Several metro rides in a month I'd pass by the Arlington Cemetery metro stop.  It always brought about a somber mood in me.  The air itself felt like it was grieving.  I'm incredibly proud of my husband and his service to our country.  His role was an important one.  I wouldn't trade our time in D.C. for all the gold in the world.  What good is gold if you lose some of the best memories of your life?

Today's Message: Enjoy your life.  Spend time with loved ones.  Be mindful of all that others have sacrificed so that you may do those two things.

Today's Secondary Message: Sparkly red, white and blue nails should be fashionable at any age, but if you're in your 70's they ROCK!