Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Change of Plans...Again

The Marine Corps has taught me one thing...flexibility. I was pretty flexible prior to marrying the Marine Corps, but I've been stretched a bit more since then. So far, we've gone back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and, well you get the idea, about where we are going to live once active duty life is over. We kicked around the DC idea, the AL idea, and the where else should we think about idea. We've gone from gung ho Alabama to gung ho DC and are now back to the gung ho Alabama idea. I am resigned to the fact that I will live far from my family in Ohio. I knew this when I graduated high school and decided to become a teacher. Teaching jobs in Ohio are scarce and I really am not a fan of winter, snow, and cold. I wanted to move south. I've always wanted to move south, always. I didn't think I would end up as far south as Alabama, but it is looking like Alabam will be the place..for now anyhow. I am ready to move somewhere with the possibility that I may not have to move to another town or state in 9 months, 2 years, or whenever the Marine Corps decides it is time. The future is always an unknown, so it may be that I move again, but the thought of willingly moving isn't something I want to do at the moment. I'd like to live somewhere long enough to unpack all my boxes and be there for every holiday in the same calendar year.

Ok, Alabama is what we're looking at right now. They need teachers in Alabama, hopefully I can find a job. There are job possibilities for Dave as well, which is always good. I'll be living in the south so hopefully the winter doesn't get too cold very often. I like to see the snow occassionally, but not all the time. We'll see how it pans out... Just thought y'all would like an update on where we're fixin to live. (I cooked up that southern sentence just for you.)

Now I can spend my weekend putting in teaching applications, updating my resume, requesting copies of official transcripts, looking for other jobs in case teaching doesn't pan out at first, and the list goes on. Things will fall into place, I just need to be patient and trust that it will all be ok.