Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Anniversary, School & Deployment

I figured it was about time for another update on my life. I celebrated my two year wedding anniversary last week. I can hardly believe it has been two years. I feel like it has only been two months. Hoping the years that follow are just as wonderful. I spent our anniversary apart from my husband, but my friends and students made it a super great day for me. One of our spelling words was anniversary that week (I didn't plan that, just happenned to be on the list). So I told the students my anniversary was on Thursday. They asked whether that was true. I said sure is. So on Thursday the day started with a new teacher friend bringing down three pink roses for me from her and another friend. That was sooooo sweet. Then my students were wishing me a happy anniversary when they saw me. One class even waited until I came in from hall duty and said happy anniversary in unison. Then Dave called at towards the middle of my planning period so I was able to talk to him! (That was THE best part!) I figured he would call if he got a chance, but wasn't sure he would be able to call. He did, and boy did he say the sweetest things to make me cry. (I'm an emotional mess all the time btw...it started when I got married and hasn't stopped.) He said it didn't feel like two years at all and that he wouldn't change a mintue of it. I bawled. I wouldn't change a mintue of it either. Not even when I would hide in our huge closet in DC when I needed some "space" of my own, lol. Oh the joys of married life, lol. Then on Friday I cooked dinner and had two other friends over. They brought me roses as well. I received more flowers this month than any other time in my life. Although, in all fairness I'm not really big on flowers. They're nice and beautiful and make you feel special, but they die (or I kill them somehow). I couldn't have had a better anniversary spent away from Dave if I had tried. I feel blessed with some very awesome friends.

School is still going beautifully. Keep me in your prayers on Friday becuase my principal is coming in to observe. I hope thins go well. I am going to remind my students to be on their best bahvior if someone comes in to the class. I am loving the fact that I can teach in my classroom. Imagine that, huh? You wouldn't realize how difficult that really can be, even if you know how to plan and carry out a lesson. It doesn't mean much if the students aren't quiet long enough for you to do anything with them. I am looking forward to all of the fun projects we can do together as a class this year. I can hardly wait. I want to try everything at once with them. I have to keep reminding myself I have a few months with them so I don't have to do it all now. Thanks for those of you who have been praying like crazy that this year would be better. It is working really well and I am feeling so blessed and thankful. (I don't have to quit my job and rethink my career!)

Deployment is going. I'm having a bit of a down week this week. Two of my friends have had their husbands return this past week. While I am excited for them I keep wishing it was time for my husband to come home already. I'm reminding myself that I had my husband while their's were gone though (sort of...he was gone training, a lot.) I went with one friend to hang her welcome home banners and that was fun. I know that it takes three people to hang a banner. Two to hang it and one to take pictures. I'll be prepared now when the time finally does arrive. I also know where the best spot on 24 is to hang a banner. People avoided it, but it really is a great spot. (I'm not telling where, I don't want anyone to steal our spot.) For those of you not familiar with J-ville, right outside of base there are miles of chain link fence that people hang welcome home banners when their Marines get back from deployment. (I'm planning on making at least two banners...one for Dave and then one for all of "my boys". I just need to figure out what I am putting on them.) Hoping time starts passing a little quicker. It's not going super slow, just...blah. This too shall pass and I will have my darling Turtle back in my arms before I know it. (Doesn't stop me from wishing it was tomorrow though.) Thanks for the support from fabulous friends though. We will all get through this together. You girls are the best.